Masks Are Back In Style!

(Wales West responds to Covid-19)

THERE was a time when seeing someone in a mask along a railroad track made us a little nervous. Now, masks help us relax!

In compliance with Alabama state law, Wales West will be enforcing the mask mandate for all passengers on our trains and all visitors attending our events. (For children age 6 and younger, masks are encouraged but not required.)

Along with regular cleaning and sanitizing of all our facilities, wearing masks at Wales West shows that we're all doing our part to contain the Covid-19 outbreak.

We're also "social distancing" on our waiting platform and throughout our passenger seating. Families may sit together, but we're working to keep everyone safe by limiting the number of passengers on each train ride.

We're selling all tickets online. Each day is treated as a separate event, and tickets are set aside on a first-come/first-served basis.

To get your tickets, go to the main event page—Pumpkin Patch Express, Arctic Express, Cottontail Express—and scroll down to the bottom.

As tickets for that event become available, you'll see links to individual days. Select the day you want, and click on that day's link. Then select the departure time for your train ride. All payments will be accepted over secure transaction pages.

So gather up the family, and get your tickets online. And oh yeah... Don't forget your masks!

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