A Hands-On Encounter with Railroad History

Take an ALCOS-Compatible Field trip to Wales West Light Railway

Field Trip at Wales West Light Railway

WALES WEST takes educating future generations very seriously. We treat every Field Trip that visits the railway as if the students were our own. Our staff understands that the best chance our young people have to succeed is through education. We stand ready to help with our interesting, informative, ALCOS-compatible, fun, field trips.

Legend Field Trips

Teacher and ClassTHESE very popular field trips are a great way to take seasonal holidays that occur throughout the school year and turn them into learning experiences.

Small Group Objective:

Students will have the opportunity to identify a variety of holiday symbols, customs, and traditions through visual displays and participate in age-appropriate, hands-on, holiday related activities.

Visual Materials:

Inflatable and wooden displays depicting holiday scenes and characters from literature such as the Legend of Spooky Hollow (in the Fall), the Legend of Santa Claus (in the Winter), and the Legend of the Easter Bunny (in the Spring).

Hands-on Materials and Activities:

Train ride, visit to the pumpkin patch, craft activity, and walk through the hay maze (in the Fall)

Train ride, visit with Santa, and craft activity (in the Winter)

Train ride, visit with the Easter Bunny, craft activity, and hop down the bunny trail (in the Spring)


Train-Related Field Trips

LocomotiveTHESE trips are only offered at certain times of the school year. They are very informative and cover a wide subject area that has been designed for young minds. We will help teachers wishing to use this trip with class planning before the visit. Please contact us for available times.

Small Group Objective:

While dressed in character, a field trip facilitator will use story telling, visual aids, and a variety of hands-on opportunities to help students in…


Describe the role of leaders (train engineer) ALCOS#7

Describe how transportation has changed and how (the importance of trains) remains the same. ALCOS#12

First grade:

Use vocabulary associated with time (past, present, & future). ALCOS#1

Identify coal as a natural resource, discuss coal's importance, and describe how conserving energy can protect natural resources. ALCOS#9

Second grade:

Structured LessonsExplain the train’s role in the distribution process ALCOS#7

Describe how scarcity of natural resources (coal) impacts prices and the availability of products. ALCOS#8

Interpret legends (Casey Jones, John Henry, etc.) and songs (I’ve been working’ on the railroad, etc.) that contribute to the cultural history of the Unites States. ALCOS#11

Third grade:

Differentiate between imports and exports (coal). ALCOS#5

Compare past/present ways of mining coal. ALCOS#7

Describe geographic links of railways between Alabama and other states. ALCOS#8

Visual Materials:

Books, posters, songs, and miniature train displays

Hands on Materials:

Pieces of train track, train wheels, switches

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