< NOTICE - Wales West RV Park & Light Railway is not affiliated with any online "neighborhood watch" application


WALES WEST is in no way affiliated with any type of online "neighborhood watch" application.

Fliers distributed on our property have touted the advantages of joining such an online "hub", saying it would be a way for for Wales West residents and campers to share information.

Reading one of the fliers, one might get the impression that Wales West has endorsed this enterprise. We do not.

In fact, we join with law enforcement officials at every level—national, state, and local—in urging our residents to use caution whenever posting personal information of any kind online.

Scammers can and will exploit such information.

The management of Wales West RV Park and Light Railway want our residents and customers to be safe and enjoy every aspect of life here in our little corner of the world.

Thank you for reading this notice.

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