Wales West Is For Train Lovers

WALES West operates two different railway gauges. (The word gauge is just railroad talk for size — the distance between the tracks.) Our sizes include narrow gauge (2'), and grand scale (7.5"). Both are big enough even for a grown-up to ride. For every foot of track, every moment of just rolling along, there's quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work. Fortunately, we happen to love trains.

2-Foot: Our Welsh Narrow Gauge Replica

2-Foot Gauge at Wales WestSteaming Up on the 2-Foot GaugeLocomotives on the 2-Foot TrackTrain Robbers on Horseback at Wales West

7.5-Inch: The Wales West Miniature Railway

	Miniature Trains at Wales WestBuilding the Miniature Railway at Wales WestWales West - Train Lover's ParadiseMiniature Steam Locomotive at Wales West

The Train Maintenance Shop at Wales WestBuilding a small locomotiveRaising Steam at Wales WestSteam locomotive running on the 7.5-inch tracks