Catch The Train At Wales West

Catch the train on the waiting platform at Wales West

WALES West operates two different size trains— narrow gauge (2' between the tracks), and grand scale (7.5" between tracks). Both are big enough for even a grown-up to ride.

Trains pull out of the station just about every day. And during our seasonal Event Times, trains depart for places like The North Pole... or the Pumpkin Patch. Along the way, you can see everyone from The Easter Bunny to Halloween Monsters. Climb aboard. It'll be a ride to remember.





Ride the Artic Express at Christmastime

OF COURSE you don't have to wait for an event. You can make up your own. Birthday parties, weddings, field trips, family reunions—there are plenty of reasons to schedule an Event of Your Very Own at Wales West!

Plan a party at Wales West
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Wales West RV Park and Light Railway
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